Final Character Fashion Design

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Finally I reached the end of the character fashion series.
It was a pretty crazy idea when it came to my mind, but as it materialized, I think it became something everyone could understand and enjoy. Some day I hope it will become more than just a drawing on a page. It would be awesome if I could sell the designs, but at the moment, I’m going through the starving artist phase and don’t have enough funds to pay for a lawyer to deal with all the patenting on the art, etc. It doesn’t seem like God has that door open at the moment, but if any of you admirers out there have any suggestions, I would be glad to hear from you.
As for right now, I have a special surprise coming up to celebrate the end of the fashion series and get you guys involved so stay tuned! Also, if you haven’t found me on Instagram, you might want to! That’s all for now!

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