Playing with Color

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Want to share your opinion and influence the outcome of the Pirate book I’m making? Here’s your chance! Send me an email or comment below on your favorite color style for the book! If you’re wondering, the numbers stand for the …

Coloring Pirates!

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Here is a sneak-peek at my coloring the main characters. I’m just testing out illustration styles that kids will enjoy. Tell me what you think of the coloring styles!

Special Teaser!

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Here’s a little sneak-peak of my upcoming book. Right now I’ve finished most of the writing and editing, and hope to finish the illustrations by next week. Hey, if you have any thoughts I’d love to hear from you and use …

My Journal

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My Journal an excerpt of 11/16/16 I woke up this morning from a great dream. I went from a wonderful time with friends, to a morning that with stuff for me to do stacked high as the clouds. It’s cold, slightly depressing, …

New Project!

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Well, actually it’s not really new. I’ve been working on this sculpture for three weeks, taking classes once every week and it’s coming along. I have really enjoyed getting into the 3d aspect of art, and I hope it gives …

Artificial Faith

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Robots are getting more life-like everyday. Someday maybe they’ll make our beds everyday so we don’t have to! Even so, we will never be able to make robots in the way God has made us. We have something they do not …

Our Heritage-Update!

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I was able to get some of the background done on Monday, but I was mostly getting used to the medium again. It is going to be a challenging piece for sure, since oil isn’t my favorite type of art form. …

!!It’s Your Last Chance!!!

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Last chance to get the October gifts! Become a Patron now before the first of the month! Like I said before, included in the $5-$50 reward package: the Ballerina Tutorial Pack (that includes a full jpeg, a full-length step-by-step tutorial, and …


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You guys better hurry up. Only 3 days left to become a Patron and receive tremendous rewards! So far, there is included in the $5-$50 reward package: the Ballerina Tutorial Pack (that includes a full jpeg, a full-length step-by-step tutorial, …