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My Journal

an excerpt of 11/16/16

I woke up this morning from a great dream. I went from a wonderful time with friends, to a morning that with stuff for me to do stacked high as the clouds. It’s cold, slightly depressing, and I just popped my jaw when trying to complete a simple yawn. The feeling I am creating is one of dissatisfaction and glumness for man and of life. I think it could be so much more. Why do we have to live in something so drowning in. . .sin.

That’s the answer. We plum messed up this perfect earth with sin. We all have gone against God’s perfect law. Says so in Romans 5:12 and following.


But hey, there’s more. God answered our plea. There are some righteous people out there. They may sin daily, but God has chosen them from the start to be His children. I am one of those blessed ones, thanks to Jesus Christ. You know it always comes back to this. The idea that while we hated and despised our Maker, He sent His son for us. To pay for our sin. To take back His people from the punishment of everlasting fire. That’s grace.

Now if we believe, He’s given us a home in heaven. It’s full the nicest, wonderful things you’ve never been able to fathom. It’s gonna have God in charge of everything, I we can talk to Him and He’ll be fair. It’s gonna be great. So that, my friends, is why I am going to go back to the daily grind with a determined heart. I do it for my Savior, and because I can look to the cross that saved my soul and see what Jesus went through for a wretch like me. And so I look forward to the days I will get to enjoy the wonderfulness of heaven by and by.

If you want to become God’s child and be able to have that relationship with God that can never die, and allows you to receive all the wonderful things God has got in store for us, please read through the book of John and contact me if you will, so I can help you make the biggest decision in your life.


Hey guys! Thought you might like to read this. God influenced me to write it this morning, and I hope you like it and it brings Him glory. Be sure to leave a comment to tell me if you want to see more of these!

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