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I was asked to do an art tutorial for a large group. I prepared my art and the steps I would show as I went along, like demonstrating the brush, transform, and selecting capabilities of CSP. When I finished, some of them ended up trying out my tablet and seeing what it was like. I had responses like, “Wow, that was is so hard” and, “Your cheating”. Absolutely normal responses. Hopefully I will have another opportunity to give a demonstration again. I enjoyed every bit of it.

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  1. Bernia

    Sounds like a great opportunity. But I’m not clear. Did the viewers find it hard or easy? Or did they think it was easy at first and then, when they tried it out for themselves, found it to be difficult?

    1. Post

      It seemed like it was too easy at first, and then once I let them try the tablet they thought it was hard. I hope that will help clarify.

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