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Hey everybody! Here’s something quick I did based a Garden & Guns Magazine.

Magazines are the best source of reference I have seen pretty much anywhere. If you’re looking to draw something in particular, just look up a magazine about the subject. Libraries are a great resource when it comes to finding the right magazine. You could spend your life drawing everything in them. Remember to keep in mind that there is some nasty stuff in certain ones, so be on your guard.

Ranking next is catalogs. Some catalogs are really good when you finally discover them. Clothes and Fashion Catalogs can be very helpful for figure drawing. I also find that some catalogs like ones at a Hardware store can be very helpful for choosing good swatches. The catalog color scheme may appeal to your eye when your looking through it, so don’t be afraid to use them in your picture!

Websites can be good but are time wasters, and you might only find one good one out of two-hundred other bad ones.

Hope this helps you in your quest for drawing better!


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