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It’s a good thing I am not on an actual dead-line, but am just doing this as a promotional poster thing. I got on a role, but then got into trouble because I did not make all the foundational decisions when I began. I still have two other characters to fit in, and I want to somehow tie-in the title to the scene. I’m trying to figure all this out while still working in the principals of design. This should be a pleasing picture, and I shouldn’t be going through this much trouble, but since I am not the best planner, things like this happen. Remember folks, don’t jump right in to your work. Plan it very rough and later you will have a much better and pleasing experience.

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  1. Emilie Anne

    I think the poster’s looking pretty good.Keep up the great work!

    I did have one comment…..if the guy in the middle is the detective, shouldn’t he have a front on the hat as well as a back; sort of like Sherlock Holmes’s hat?
    I noticed your other detective had a very large one in “Life in the Kingdom”.
    Can’t wait to see the finished product!

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