Treasures in Heaven (Part 2)

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God wants us to live the best life we can possibly live. That’s why he sent His son to die for our sins. In doing it, He made a way for us to enter into heaven. Now that Jesus has payed the price, why are we still wanting what is on the earth? We have sinful natures, and they will not be perfect until we reach heaven. For now, desire in your heart, and ask God for strength, to serve Him with all you got. Earthly treasures and Heavenly treasures don’t mix. If I were you I would not break the first commandment (Exodus 20:3). Serve you, or serve God.

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  1. Prudence

    Cute! I love getting a little peak into other people’s lives. I love regular posts, but I find it’s the bloopers and posts like this that you learn a lot about people’s personalities. Cute!

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